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    #Her Innocent looks�� Nandhu
    ✓When I look in to your eyes, My HEART Keeps on Raising Fast and that too hold my breath low, when ever you close the gap between us in those Close Encounters.♥️
    ✓Wish to Carry those Tiny Smile Blushing moments with you.��And to be it on one day, when everyone goes but we still left in the dark, stay by my side��
    ✓Will you look at me with those twinkling eyes and Whisper something me as we slowly asleep and and will you hold my hand closer.��
    ✓Don't leave me in the dark, as it was to be spent with you✨
    #Those Moments ��
    ✓She was always silent ,But there will be a story I have to guess. The Close gap between those words, That's where her secret hide.You'll never until seeing a person inside her.����♥️
    ✓She hide those things in her smoothy words As I was trapped in ice to be freezed.But looking at her resembles there's a story in her eyes.��������

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    Adorable Eyes