• angeljohn 6w

    Aquisition of, Forgotten Affection..

    Walk into the library of reality and truth,
    glance awhile, right to left, up and down,
    the pile of humanly authored paper bunches,
    your eyes will be your guide,
    keep looking for the title, that attracts your vision
    and brings your exploring eyes, to a silent halt..
    You will admit the fact,
    that this reservoir of life's flavours, plenty.
    Comprises of a session for aggression and depression in whole..
    In the corner dark, a small locker that holds,
    a bible like album alone..
    You pick it, although tiny in volume,
    it's heavier than you assumed..
    Yes! It's the album of forgotten affection- Love!
    It's an actual certitude, that our attitude,
    has grown strange to this essence of grace,
    that created the whole base, of Our's..
    Do spare a second, to read and learn,
    from that small yet gigantic album of,
    love and love alone!