• littlebunnynana 23w

    For The Reader

    I'm writing directly to you now.
    I'm writing to let you know I see you,
    I see you building up your little light,
    trying to protect all you have now,

    I'm writing to let you know your feelings are valid.
    I'm writing to let you know your sadness is temporary.

    While you're working on becoming a blazing fire that obliterates all in your path,
    We're right here with all of our power combined to help keep your demons away while your light isn't quite enough on its own yet.

    I see you with the fire in your eyes surrounded by a shimmering light that terrifies all that look your way.

    And I'm waiting for the day you can see yourself in the same bright image and walk into a room thinking "I belong here."

    Because you belong here.