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    Madame Butterfly

    I’ve seen creatures of unique beauty in the garden which captured my eye,
    But none compare to who I saw that warm and sunny day,
    With dazzling eyes and the sweetest face, she was as beautiful as they say,
    It was none other than gorgeous Madame Butterfly.

    Her wings are of the highest art, her complexion of the purest class,
    I wasted no time and quickly reached out my hand and awaited her reaction,
    Yet she just laughed at me and mocked my chosen course of action,
    Every insult was a cannonball bombarding my heart of glass.

    She spoke only a few words yet each felt like ten daggers buried inside me,
    Who knew that such angelic would be a harbinger of unimaginable pain?
    Once again, my garden was flooded in heavy rain,
    I guess what they say is true, pleasing looks are her facade to what I can’t see,
    Madame Butterfly, you are truly picture perfect;
    The exact portrait of an ugly, two-faced insect.

    Fly away far away from me and never again return,
    For I have found someone whose beauty you will never earn.