• _still_in_mess 5w

    Moon hold you in
    ephemeral moment,
    Love becomes aeipathy sonnet,
    Eyes engross to catch the feel..

    Thoughts were the cranberry magic,
    Blow the whistle of ethereal ludic
    Kiss of bare lips
    Hug the lost love of mine..

    Deep cosmos I hide in you,
    Touch the strings of my heart,
    I became the philomath to explore
    The flowing gesture of me in your star.

    Was you and me canopy,
    Of irony unfolding love,
    Hubristic coffins of mine will be waiting for you
    Till the end of this divine,
    But even after tardy time of my life,
    Your tears will make my grave shine..


    #pastpearlsc I have penned this before but resembles with writersbay today's theme

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