• solivagant7 9w

    should i tear our future
    just to make me feel right
    my vibes are screaming
    to be heard in the dimes

    have i lost it
    or its just my fate
    scribblings gibberish
    on my life

    my self respect was
    ditched a long ago
    but my willingness
    to stay by your side
    kept me wondering
    about the lies you
    i thought they were
    painted with black
    and you started
    a brand new start

    seems like i have
    lot to learn you
    are deeper than
    i felt from above
    a risk to take
    my determination
    fails to explain
    my urge to
    understand you
    i felt the
    need to recognize you
    till i reached the
    softness of your heart
    the last membrane
    of your wrongdoings

    i wanted you to be
    aressted for your crimes

    you are a criminal of my
    broken heart you are
    blamed for shattering
    the stars
    you are accused for
    the ridges on the moon
    you are too accustomed
    to your wrong attitude
    see it through your
    own eyes before
    you realise
    that i am long gone
    and not there to
    hold your hand

    i thought it would
    go smoothly but seems
    like i am not breathing
    whats the use of praying
    for your well being
    if you arent Willing
    for a blessing


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    "the strings lay in my hands
    but still find my hands tied"