• reonkookie 11w

    That Was Incomplete

    Ricca, be fast honey. Otherwise, you'll be late for university today too. What are you doing?
    Hurry up!
    Coming momma........
    Ricca comes down from upstairs in s rush.
    Sorry! Momma. I became late for breakfast.
    Ok, ok, it's ok. Just take your meal and go to the university otherwise, you'll be late again.
    Eat your food on the path of going to the uni.
    Ricca took her food and by greeting her mother she left for the university.
    Bye, bye momma.
    Take care honey and of course eat your breakfast. Don't forget!
    The weather is good today. Fresh air with sweet fragrance. The lite sky blue colour mixed with lite blue colour makes the sky looks something special. Above all the cherry blossoms are something else. These feelings,
    these feelings can't expressed by words. These feelings makes her remember of him.
    No, I am not gonna remember him. Ricca continues walking. Not exactly walking. It's called half running. She doesn't have the money to go by a bus or a taxi. Her father died after three months of her birth. Her mother is the only earning source of the family of two members. Still, they are a happy little family.
    © roksanaoishee