• zulote 10w

    I am committed, I am dedicated.
    I am compassionate, I am passionate.
    I am a believer, I am an imaginer.
    I am a sinner, I am a forgiver.
    I am a seeker, I am a giver.
    I am just good and just bad.
    I know I do right and I too know I do wrong.
    I ask for forgiveness, I seek for wisdom.
    I walk the right way, sometimes walk the dirt.
    I see good things, too sees the worst.
    Life is just like a boat in the ocean and human are the ⛵️ sailors
    I know how to row the boat but sometimes looses balance being tired of just in the same position.
    Do good ;do bad but don't be the worst,..
    Remember to repent, receive, thank and believe.