• skbaseti 9w

    Unexpressed Emotion.

    From: Water,
    To: Intelligent human fools.

    I come from mother nature,
    born way before you took
    your first birth;
    I feel it ridiculous as you
    try to control me,
    when I’m uncontrollable;
    I’m stuck with the pulse of
    your foolish intelligence
    that can turn unlimited
    to scarcity;
    I heard your money and
    blood relations are wisely treated
    and truly valued by you,
    don’t you think I deserve that?,
    when I’m your fundamental
    requirement of existence;
    When I hit scarcity by your
    reckless use of me,
    you talk a lot and just keep
    your thoughts running about me,
    I feel you are good at drama,
    acting without a real action.
    Your greedy minds are your
    worst enemies,
    If you feed the beast within
    you, eventually there’s a
    death blow awaiting you.