• mphogiftwrite7 30w

    Mom said I looked good yesterday
    Told me the shirt I wore hugs me right
    It's not showing much skin
    It's not holding my belly tight
    It's not squeezing my fat hands.

    Mom asked why I'm not eating today
    Told her I wasn't hungry.
    Mom asked what I ate the entire day
    Told her I drank water
    Mom will ask why I am not eating tomorrow.

    She'll be happy when I lose weight
    She'll love me even more
    She won't check my food when I eat anymore
    She won't get angry when I serve myself
    She won't judge me for drinking to much water
    She'll finally see a baby girl when she sees me....
    A few days without eating will do .
    right mommy?

    I just wanna make you proud mama
    I want you to call me pretty again tomorrow.