• _anam_fatma_76 11w

    When I ran out of words, you completed me in a while.
    When I felt low, you were there to bring a smile.
    When I forgot my textbook, you acted as if you did too.
    When I was in a problem, you were always there with a solution.
    You're there throughout even if we have different goals to pursue.

    Without talking to you, my day feels incomplete,
    Everytime I miss you, I pray those days would repeat.
    You picked me up every single time I fell.
    You made sure at the end of the day, that I'm all well.
    You cared for me as a family, protected, guided me the right path.

    Crushes changed and so did valentines,
    But my dear best friend,
    Not even the fights or distance could make our friendship end.