• _crybaby_ 10w


    Eating lunch alone
    Nothing but solitude and my phone
    I try and call for help, I only get the dial tone.
    I hang up immediately
    Walking out, speedily.
    I have everything I need.
    And yet I'm consumed by greed.
    Taunted by these thoughts.
    So often I ought
    To see a therapist
    I steal the knife
    I fucking missed.
    The vein I aimed for
    Its hilarious
    My wit and charm
    Hiding my self harm
    With scarves and sweaters
    With winter coming
    It can only get better
    My thoughts are so tangled
    It's a mind game,
    I'm not able to solve
    I try and die, fucking strangled
    My skin, fucking dissolved
    My problems will never be solved
    You can't ask a question you don't know the answer too
    In all the ways I've tried to die, ill probably end up with cancer too