• kashyapbaishya 6w

    U are so special that it can't be defined in words. But i will try from my view. It all began from the sixth standard where we were nothing for each other, slowly idk why but i started liking u and i was unknown with the reason and i didn't bothered much. Slowly my interest increased I started to know about u and it's about everything may it be your first crush or your prblms. I came to know more about u when we fought everytime for the useless things (specially me). Nobody is perfect but in a sense i can say u are perfect. Some things cannot be said to everyone but you can say this to your frnds, some to your parents, you also have a naughty but kind brother, your relatives, and which makes you very Lucky your grandparents ...you have everyone with you for your support but a place will be empty don't worry for that i will fill it up ... Everyone loves you even your haters they love your personality and can't be like you that's why they hate you... U have everything and everyone you are blessed my dear❤...happy birthday anchu