• sweetk 10w

    Who are you
    To be the one who left
    Who are you
    To join all the others
    Were you not able to handle my plight
    Or was I just not good enough?
    I've tormented my fair share of souls
    By some strange chance of fate
    My intentions are pure
    And good
    And my wishes are always the best
    I guess
    There have been occasional times
    That my judgment has been crossed
    And I've lashed out, innately
    But I want to take it a step further
    I want you to feel my pain
    I want you to feel the pain that I've felt
    My intentions are pure
    Until I've been pushed past sobriety
    You've abused me again to the point
    Past forgiveness
    You've hollowed my being
    You've made me feel numb
    To the point that callousness
    Becomes the norm
    My empathy dissipates, yet
    My intentions are pure
    Affinity recurs
    And I'm back in our home
    You've forgiven me
    And I wonder if I'm crazy
    Have I been gaslighted,
    Once again?
    Or have I been manipulative?
    Do you understand
    Where I've come from
    Or does that matter at all?
    Am I your stooge
    Or are you mine?
    My intentions are pure
    And my intentions
    Are to protect my heart
    If we can't tell
    Who the real bad guy is,
    Are we both deranged?
    It doesn't matter who's right
    Or who's wrong
    I just want to know,

    Is the pain I feel so real,
    Enough for you to see?

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    My intentions are pure