• ivanmaximusedwin 6w


    She floats like a dream,
    Before she sinks under,
    Carrying in her folds,
    The dying cries of the soldiers...
    The dying cries of the passangers,
    Who thought it can't sink,
    This voyage is like an adventure,
    Titanic was her name,
    On it Jack and Rose played love game...
    Sometimes they loved,
    Other times they fight,
    And I got goosebumps,
    As Rose got naked at night...
    Then they went into a car,
    And in love went very far,
    Soon Titanic got jealous of Rose,
    She hit an iceberg that was too close...
    Every one rushed to save their lives,
    Some were even left by their wives,
    Every thing happened due to Jack and Rose,
    Sailors were watching their kiss, when iceberg was close,
    Oh! I felt so pity when Titanic sank,
    But saw Rose naked, so many many thanks...