• witty_writer 5w

    You talk about love,
    And I think it's about me.

    You talk about a girl,
    And I again think it's me.

    Oh no, what a misunderstanding
    I am in...

    Oh I feel we are in a domino game,
    Where i fall for you,
    You fall for her
    And she might be falling for someone else.

    But you know what's more wrong?
    That even if I fall for you,
    I am there to catch you
    On the other side
    Coz she fell for someone,
    Who was not in the game,
    And they both ran away,
    And u lie there,
    All sad....

    But don't worry I'll always help you,
    Only to see you,
    Fall for someone else again,
    Of yeah that's the tragedy of domino game..