• miaajackson 23w

    What is love

    The exact definition of love is an intense feeling of deep affection. Honestly the definition of love is different for every person who experiences it. For me love is what i feel when i'm with him. I don't have an exact perception of what love means but all i know is i've never felt that for anybody else. Only him and i hope it stays being him. He warms my heart. He is the glue that keeps it together and without him i feel as if i'll fall apart. He makes my heart flutter. Just sitting there with him makes everything better. Hugging him, while in his arms i feel so safe. Kissing him it gets to the point where i crave it. Holding his hand and just laying/leaning on him just uh it's become a craving. He's become something that i crave. He is my drug. Not a bad drug. He's the drug that keeps me going. The drug that changes me for the better. The drug i can't get enough of.