• blitzy 9w


    I'm so tired of all the berating.
    I'm so tired of all the hating.
    It's getting so exhausting,
    It's becoming such a loss for me.

    I can't feel my heart beating,
    I don't feel like I'm alive.
    I feel like it's death I'm cheating.
    I can feel him by my side.

    Will I be able to keep this up?
    Or will I fall apart first?
    Am I living with luck?
    Or drowning from lies in which I'm immersed?

    It's getting so hard to live like this,
    I once thought there was more to life.
    Was there some truth I missed?
    Or is life supposed to be an eternal fight?

    I need a reason to live,
    Cause if this is the point of life I want to die.
    I don't want to live for all the fibs,
    I don't want to thrive on all the lies.

    I need an anchor in my life,
    Something steady to grab on.
    I don't want it to hide.
    I don't want it to do me wrong.

    My strength is failing, it's bringing me down.
    But when I fall, I'll crash to the ground.
    I can't remember the last time I ran,
    Now I'm crawling, just trying to be found.