• nivethasubburaj 5w


    I was enthralled by the beauty of Disney land
    It shows so much about life in the most uncertain way
    isn’t it ?
    Right from the roller coaster
    Reminding us, of all our ups and downs
    The thrill while sailing under the sea trying to discover our hidden treasures behind corals and oysters like that of the nemo from those submarines.
    Pushing us into the magical mist of Wonderland, where you can be - Alice for a day,
    Glammed up to party hard in the mad tea party
    Sometimes you need those tiny little treats
    isn’t it?
    As we started to sail, the ship of Columbia
    Oh my God! the pirates!
    The pirates from the Caribbean came to seize us
    And then, there appeared Peter Pan like a hero,
    To our rescue!
    I Looked down while flying on his flight
    And wondered how small the world is!
    Yes, it’s really a small world after all.
    There we Landed on the splash mountain witnessing the fireworks
    While I was Living in the fantasy, I captured my whole life right infront of me.