• shawn1998 5w

    Love trial

    It a battle between love and war
    We pick and choose the question is do we wanted it more
    There thin line between love and hate
    I'm lost without her but refusing possibly to think
    Thinking she did me wrong we called belief
    She tell me right from wrong we called it relief
    Love is a battlefield every women has there soldier
    Some are far away so some man cross that border
    I sacrifice my heart for my love
    I never act tough some don't know what love was
    I was foolish on belief once she was gone
    I clueless that she glow brighter than the sun
    How you made the light in my life shine bright
    How only her beautiful spirit keep me up at night
    Some are study on beautiful creature called the ladies
    Some love more than physical features not to some crazy
    I hold my woman I do it forever
    She only one there won't be a never
    I her even to her odd so we will upgrade to next level
    Only you can make be better
    Do view as friend or lover when us men send these letters
    She can understand and speak my language
    No more time wasted
    I hope my love never run out or replaced
    I can't get her off my mind
    I think of her kiss everytime
    This is injustice if I can't make you mine
    I want be wrong in loving you so I do the time
    Lock me up baby cause you only live once
    She moaning as we make love never a taunt
    This is a battle of survival babe
    I pray keep you everyday
    This some crazy my goddess of smile
    Gorgeous eye that make every man in the room go wild
    When the phone ring and the number I dial
    I accept tour judgement called it a love trial