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    Where to do you walk toward
    Do you know where you are headed
    Is that the way to your destination
    Is that direction one that’s dreaded

    Did you choose to walk this way
    Or did this path in turn choose you
    Are you headed in a new direction
    Or are old places being visited too

    Are winding pathways permissible
    Are ones besides the water allowed
    Do some directions seem familiar
    Or in mystery are some shroud

    Does the blue of the sky look appealing
    Or the grassy green of the meadows
    Do birds sing as you keep walking
    Are the pathways clear or juxtaposed

    Do journeys matter, not the destination
    Have you been bold enough
    Have you ventured out in the world alone
    Has it been smooth or simply rough

    Can another possibly keep pace
    Do shadowed sidewalks provide shade
    Do questionable roads still drive you crazy
    Has the memory of home begun to fade

    Do your tired feet hurt after walking
    What lessons have been learnt far from home
    Is it true that one can only reap
    The seeds that one has sown

    Is the road tougher than the paths in your mind
    Is it rough to make one concede
    Or are the recesses of the mind darker
    Than what one can ever perceive


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    30th of June, 2020

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