• miss_catatonia 10w

    I was in love.
    It felt like I was a lowly plant.
    A pot of rose,
    Her favorite.
    There were no butterflies,
    But sunshine,
    And I feel the loving photons;
    On the insides of my belly.
    Feeling warm and blithe.
    Sometimes the redness
    Of this blossoming flower,
    Would creep its way
    Into my cheeks.
    Ripening like cherries
    When she closes her eyes.
    In the midst of chaos,
    In my mind,
    Tsunamis and hurricanes
    And this silly smitten heart.
    Damn your exquisite smile.
    I became a conflicted pot of plant
    Wanting to run up to you,
    But my roots made me stay.
    I just hope someday,
    Truly, I can say,
    What I have felt for you
    While looking far away.


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