• steady 6w

    Black not intimidated

    My colour strikes fear
    Right down their bone marrow
    My hair texture makes them
    Feel insecure
    My confidence is the problem
    They've got with me
    I am the very weapon they fear
    I didn't have to arm myself
    For them to shoot me on the
    To stump my neck like wild bulls
    My very existence is a threat to
    Their cruelty
    So I say to them....
    Cut off my tongue
    And I will still be heard
    Break my bones
    And I will still fight
    Kill my body
    And a thousand more souls
    Will rise
    Cause I am black
    I bleed black
    And I live for nothing better
    I will not be intimidated
    I will stand for my race
    Till my very last breath
    I am human too!