• pragatisheel_sadhak_bihari 23w

    God, Are you seeing or not ?
    My hunger and doubts,
    God, Are you listening or not ?
    My anger while I am running under dark clouds.

    Why are you threatening me each day?
    While I am taking the strides forward to make my own way.
    Are you testing my patience ?
    While I am crawling to go beyond the fence.

    God, listen to my inner voice and tell...
    Does it look like I have already failed?

    Does it sound,i am crying to make my name trend?

    Hold me, whenever I am in sad mood,
    Be in me, be with the truth,
    If I am unable to listen,
    You go away by calling me a fake, spreading just a myth.

    God, each day I have gone through immense pain,
    But never asked you to release my pain,
    Because then my own effort will go in vain,if I rely on you.

    Thinking of you,calling you, just to ensure,
    Are you seeing or not?
    Your own made world?
    Are you seeing or not, your people and their spreaded myth?
    Which those till date, remain untold!

    God,Are you seeing or not?