• jerry_21_ 6w

    Unexpectedly, you wake up one day
    and realize that you haven't even slept.
    You realize that you were bleeding blue
    and smoking the cigarettes all night.

    It's morning now and sunshine seems
    suffocating as it has always been.
    Nothing has changed from the last
    few years. Same senseless feelings
    and thoughts of death are swirling
    around your sanity. But you ain’t sane.

    Can you feel the melancholy rushing
    through your veins, can you feel your
    limbs are frozen like hell and you are
    high by the overdosage of sleeping
    pills along with the shot of depression.

    Anxiety, your friend, knocks at your door,
    and you can't do anything but open it.

    Come on, get up now and deal with all
    this shit. It's only you who have made it
    and now you have to handle this all alone.

    Cry, bleed, scream and die everyday.
    Because darling death is worth dying for.

    ~ sifar