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    || This is Noor telling you her story. ||

    When I was 10 year old, I lost my favorite toy, my mother left me alone in a hostel,
    I felt very sad and annoyed that time.
    Sadness is a word I became aware of then.
    When I was 13 year old, I failed in my math exam and all I felt was low and stressed. Chronic headache and stress is real, I realized.
    Sadness was introduced with stress and headache. They became friends.
    When I was 16 year old, I was totally confused and anxious for my board exams, my career, my family, tortures and bullies.
    Anxiety is a word added to my dictionary since then.
    Old friends named as sadness, headache and stress came and befriended anxiety.
    When I was 19 year old, the people who meant the most to me left me alone,
    I went through nervous breakdown,
    I felt pain, I felt betrayed, I felt every possible thing, sadness made a home in me, darkness became my comfort and avoiding people became my favorite hobby, too much negative person I became.
    When I was 21 year old, adulthood became my worst enemy, I faced a lot of struggles career, family, myself. I loved and lost. I was heartbroken, shattered and mentally exhausted at that time.I was sleep deprived, my eating habits changed, and almost everything became toxic.
    I was completely and utterly damaged and tired.
    And sadness was like a flu, it spreads with time. Slowly sadness befriended everyone stress, exhaustion and managed to stay with me until the very end till the arrival of Depression.
    Sadness. Anxiety. Headache. Stress. Mental exhaustion. Disorders. These all piled up together to make a disease called “Depression.”
    I realized something like DEPRESSION exists when I was diagnosed with a disorder when a friend of mine suggested me to see a doctor after finding the reality of my "I'm fine".
    Noor fought with depression and overcame it and she is now healthy and doing good in her life.
    The point is when people say they are not fine, something feels heavy, they can't handle their life, they can't live. When they act fake, when everything pisses them off, when they find offense in everything, know that there is something inside them that is not letting them do the good things.
    When they say they are depressed or sad or disturbed, just believe them, be with them give them your ears and if all this fails to work then just don't leave them, Stay, stay until they get up from their sufferings I'm telling you stay just stay don't leave.
    Some suffer silently, some show it to people, some ask for help, some think their suffering is for good, some think their suffering is the end of their world, some know how to not let depression in and some don't.
    Thing is all suffer but no one deserves to suffer and go through Traumas just because these help them in building themselves.
    All I can say is-
    Whoever is going through this, you are not alone. Depression and exhaustion is not the end of this world. Have faith and stay strong and believe. Everything is going to be fine.
    And others, As a human,
    Be kind, lend your ears, stop making fun of their depression, empathize with them and be with them.
    //Afterall, no one loves to suffer.//


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