• sinclair 6w

    All of you

    So I try not to get attached to you

    You try to keep me at arm's length

    I try not to let tears spill blue

    I know what you feel, and I want all your pain

    I'll just have to wait till another Wednesday

    The words we shared are haunting me on the screen of my phone

    I just want a place that feels like home

    California feels so Easy

    Just like you loving me

    I'd kiss you, and I'd miss you

    You'd do anything just to get under my skin

    Beautiful work?

    Beautiful hands, Beautiful Life, Beautiful lands

    I wish you'd read this poem knowing it's all about you

    Cuz maybe then you choose me

    And maybe your favorite color would go from yellow to dazzling blue

    Just answer this question and I'll take all of your hurt

    We'll fight for life together

    My hand in yours

    Is there such a thing as forever?

    I've been rocked to the core of my flickery form of a soul

    I had a question mark with a heart tattooed in my skin

    And you were there all along

    You're somewhere that I've never been

    And I want to know you

    What's under that guise?

    Don't tell me any more lies

    Don't protect me, or perfect me

    Don't let me overthink, or agree

    Just take me

    Don't erase me

    Don't fake with me, or break me

    I've cried for you

    I've cried with you

    I've cried beside you

    I don't want to cry because of you

    you, you, you

    They all ask me about you

    But they don't really care

    They don't want to know what's new

    They just wanna see me fall

    But I'd rather take your hand, scars and all