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    Imagination, Creation
    Those Are Writer's Things.
    A Writer Creates A World, A Character.
    He Has The Power To Create Something Which Does Not Really Exist. But Makes Others Feel Like It's Real With His Words.

    But What Will Happen When That Power Of Him Becomes Obsession.
    Stuck In His Head And That Person Becomes Something We Can't Really Deal With.
    He Becomes Something Which We Can't Even Imagine. Like A Demon.

    That's What Happens Here.
    When A Writer Get Obsessed With His Own Art. Watch It. It Will Shock You.

    An Awesome Piece Of Art Directed By Shirish Kunder.
    A Must Watch Thing.

    Search On Youtube With
    'Kriti Short Film'
    (Understand The Meaning Of Names Of Characters)

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    When Imagination Passes The Line Of Reality, Creations Start Haunting Being Imaginative Reality.