• ghostadrift 30w


    I hate how you make me feel. I feel like every wall I've built around me is crumbling and I can step out of the ashes unfazed.  I feel like I'm able to make mistakes and be forgiven rather than chastised for something dumb I did. Thats all we are is dumb teenagers.

    I love how you make me feel like I'm this peice of history, a painting in a museum.  I love how I don't have to put on a mask around you, I can be myself. No matter how weird or annoying. I can tell you how I feel, mostly.

    I love you .. I'm in love with you and I hate how it affects me. My heart aches for a chance with you and I wish you understood. I wish you weren't so complicated. I wish I knew how you worked.. Just for a minute..just enough to know you truly.