• juniorauthor 6w


    She's a mess.
    Yet , so beautiful.
    She's unusual,
    Yes, she's unique.

    She's crazy,
    But also amazing.
    She's dangerous,
    Yet so sweet.

    She's so wild,
    Yet too innocent.
    She's tough,
    But is so cuddly.

    She's ruined,
    Yet still looks perfect.
    She lives in the dark,
    To shine the brightest.

    She's so good,
    That I can't find someone better.
    She's broken,
    And her edge can make you bleed.

    She's torned.
    Yet can stand alone.
    She's been broken,
    But it made her strong.

    She looks gullible,
    But she's the wisest.
    She's silly,
    Yet , there's hidden seriousness.

    She's a storm,
    But I needed her rage.
    Yes, she's cold,
    But her coldness burns.

    She caught my eyes.
    She's trapped in my mind.
    She's locked in my heart.
    She's the girl I love.

    She is my girl.
    And I love her.
    Cause she is me.
    And I am her.