• davetrotter 5w

    THE COMMUNIST AND SOCIALIST know exactly that they are destroying America and the world by lockdowns. For that is the Globulist Agenda for the worldwide reset under their world view of a One World order.
    THEY DON'T CARE if they destroy people's lifes, destroy people's businesses, take away the individual freedoms of every person, for that as part of their PLAN to do that very thing.
    THE BEST THING people can do is not obey them, resist them in large numbers. Open your businesses in large numbers and never close them again. Because now is your last chance. YOU'LL never have any freedom if you keep obeying these nonsense rules that are destroying your freedom's.
    YOUR ENEMY IS YOUR OBEDIENCE TO THEIR NONSENSE. For their Global plan is in your hands for now, but pretty soon you will lose the power to reverse their Global plan.
    THE MASK, social distancing, and lockdowns are about getting everyone to conform to worship one global religion. One government system, one world image of life, and that is the Globalist View of life.