• maddhatter 23w

    Walk On Water

    I don't ask for much. In fact little at all. What I am given is such a small amount it's a wonder how we survive.
    I look back and I see the games. We played. And the gains you made. At what cost does it become enough? When do you relenquish this pain? You don't and that's something no one will ever fucking tell you. It don't get easier. It's hard, so hard in fact you either make it, or, simple don't come back. There is no easy way to say this. So let me slice it off like the sharp edge or a razor blade. Your not perfect nothing ever will be. And no matter what we can't change what we pay. So thanks today is a new end to the next page. And I realized you didn't stay. So let them know how great of a villian you really play. No one walks on water and the one who did. Was killed for it. Next time you levitate we'll make sure you participate, cutting corners to fill the edge don't meant you can't slip and cut your wedge. Thanks for being a friend. I'm great I think I'd rather pay.