• kashifa_12 22w

    If i could travel back in time,

    I would go to my childhood memories that were not pleasant and good like yours

    I was like you,but not one of you.

    The toy which i used to play was blade, not toys.

    My biggest fear was not fallings, but i was afraid of the punishments i would get.

    I did not want to go to madarsa, but for the dance classes.

    There were lot of friends, but they were not mine.

    I didn't bunk classes, i was there in the class sitting under the desk.

    Coming home never excited me,
    I was the girl who walked down the street in school dress

    I slept in the corner of the bed, and not between my parents

    The air was full of depression and darkness.

    But one day, It was dawn.

    I wrote down about each and everything on a piece of paper.

    Maybe something i was desperate of speaking,
    That was never convincing to others

    The pages were full
    But the heart was empty.

    And walking past the boulevards i found the peace of my life.

    Writing gave me a new life.

    It was not able to erase every pain, but the cure was their in my hand.

    Life no longer seemed sorted,
    But my ink had been.

    Little did I know about my hidden talent,
    Maybe i was writing my autobiography again.