• preetsandhu 9w

    My letters to lost mother Maayi

    I recently did a photoshoot. Listen, the best part prevails when I called the photographer and asked him I want to do a semi-nude photoshoot. He said yes. So I went there. The funny part of the evening my heart ❤️ was pounding really bad, senses were offbeat like I would be doing something I am not meant to do. Anyways my discipline of life said end what you started and feel the things going inside you as waves hitting shores. So I did. The hard part was not the photoshoot but my inner crusade with my own demons. May I felt depressed sad crying in the aftermath of this process. But each hurdle each fear I overcame make me understand the definition of change.
    Change is the shifting of any circumstances, situations, or condition, physical or no physical, in such a way that the original is rendered not merely different from what it was, but altered
    so radically as to make it utterly unrecognizable and impossible to return to anything resembling it's former state.
    In small maayi, it alters your soul.

    Love you lost mother...