• fairy20 6w

    Beware of their silence.

    "women",the most affected, discriminated,
    hurted , isolated squad of gems,whose
    legs and hands were tied tightly and brutally,
    in the name of so called beliefs.
    Door to their dreams were shut before them.
    Even the lights of literacy were not allowed
    to peep through their windows.
    Under this roof of darkness,
    they claimed themselves as "slaves"
    -with all dead emotions.
    Their clouds of anger, frustation, helplessness-
    burst and start to fall down as the rain,
    along with a thunderstorm.
    Now the sky seems cloudless.
    And it's the time for their rebirth.
    Like a seedlings, growing to beautiful plants,
    then to most beloved trees,bearing
    those fragnant flowers and sweet fruits,
    They start their growth ,bearing their
    colourful dreams to fruition their passion.
    Things had changed a lot.
    Those tied ropes were burned ,
    along with those beliefs.
    Their legs and hands now enjoy the life of freedom,
    like those roots and branches which keep extending.
    Still some black hands with an axe ,
    keep following them,to cut down their branches,
    to pluck their roots off,to crush them into weeds.
    But to those hands......"BEWARE".
    Their silence is a flame ,which can spread
    as a forest fire ,that can destroy....
    .........anything and everything.