• amanshrivastava 22w

    My life had a void
    Like a meteoroid
    Drifting round and round
    Until you were found
    Exquisite as the earth
    Of beauty there was no dearth
    Got pulled by your looks
    To your gravity I got hooked
    There I noticed the moon
    And thought it tried to swoon
    You over by it's dark craters
    But the moon had never been a contender
    Soon our orbits came closer
    And I tried regaining my composure
    The ice broke and interactions started
    Hanging around with you got me excited
    The seven other planets scratching their head
    How this odd looking junk had become the luckiest lad!?
    Sun was also there in the line
    And this little space junky felt like a star so divine
    The relation then slowly entered the next phase
    And I learned about your internal atmospheric rage
    Your dilemma to whether allow this body extraterrestrial
    Inside your world beyond the facade peripheral
    But I was impatient and felt ready to face it all
    And there I entered your mighty atmospheric wall
    Rage was such that turned me into a meteorite
    And our commitment saved me from a meteor's plight
    From ionosphere to stratosphere I sustained my fight
    The ordeal wasn't racked enough to halt my flight
    Eventually the struggle ceased, on your surface I reached
    Bruises and burns made me patient indeed
    And now I could see beyond the perceptions I behold
    How painful it is to be every seeker's abode.

    Meteoroid is a small body in the solar system that becomes a Meteor when it enters the earth's atmosphere and if it survives it's passage through the earth's atmosphere and reaches the surface it's called a meteorite.
    Crater is a cavity on a celestial body.

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    And I could see beyond perceptions I behold
    How painful it is to be every seeker's abode
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