• lisastewart 9w

    9 Months

    There are 4 days in my life that I cherish the most
    160 weeks to be exact
    In that time I safely carried you with me
    36 months I'd never take back

    Can I do this? What if I fail?
    I cried an ocean of emotional tears.
    Not a single tear was sadness
    Every tear was joy mixed in fears

    The time has come to meet you
    Anticipation to kiss your toes
    Loving you comes so naturally
    Love stronger than a hurricane winds blow

    Here you are as I look in your eyes
    A Perfection at it's very best
    Nothing could love you more than I
    My 4 inspirations, I'm truly blessed

    Your innocence and Wide wonder
    As you grow into who you'll be
    No matter how big you think you are
    You'll will always be my 4 babies

    I know as a mother I've made many mistakes
    I've failed you a time or 2
    I pray with all that lives in my heart
    That you know just how much I love you

    I will never claim to be perfect
    I promise through this I'll fight
    I will become the mother you need and deserve
    I am fighting to do what is right

    I know its not as fast as we want it
    But in no time all of this will be
    Only a small bump in our l lives
    And we'll be creating all new memories

    So forgive me my loves for our right now
    My love stands unconditional for infinity
    I created you and I protected you once before
    Soon again Ill be that mother you need