• keepthatinnocencealive 31w

    She called him for 20th time in the last half hour. Desperate you may call her or maybe she was madly in love. This wasn't the first time it happened. But everytime he didn't receive her call, a negative thought process trigered in her mind and she just couldn't help it. She was lost in the thunderstorm which certainly was a creation of her own mind, staring at her phone, hoping that her favourite name will flash soon.
    Is it the immense love we have for someone that usually makes us overthink and panicked about their wellbeing?
    Is it the thought of living without them that leaves us anxious and worried?
    Whatever it maybe, it was exactly what she was feeling right now. She was eager to get a call from him and anxious as well, barely keeping all her emotions together at place.
    Just then like the answer to all her prayers her phone buzzed and it felt like the sweetest melody when his name flashed. And when she heard a familiar yet rejuvenating voice to her drained soul from another end she could no longer control what she was holding inside for a while now. "Hey, sorry phone was on silent and I was busy. Is everything okay? You called many times? Are you...!" She was barely listening to what he said, "Ssshhh.. she said. I love you so much." Now crying.
    - Nicky ♥