• everose 10w

    I am phoenix

    I have fallen and rose
    From the ashes of my own
    Like a phoenix
    I died
    But came back more alive

    Loving isn't easy
    And self acceptance is not a fashion
    But in the world where I am born in
    Is beautiful and gorgeous

    I saw it
    With the eyes of double vision
    I ran it
    With the leg of split dedication
    I stood it
    With the back that is supporting my entire life

    The only thing I see is now
    How love and kindness makes this world grow faster
    With no anger and war
    We can live at peace with ourselves

    Loving takes courage
    And so does the self acceptance
    Make self love trendy
    More than your sequin dresses

    I have fallen and rose
    Like a phoenix that transforms and regenerates life .