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    Jawaharlal Nehru had immense love for children. It's his strength. And to hold such huge number in his heart was not difficult task as seeing everyone happy through innocent and pure smile is the most blissful thing one can do.

    No one can disturb the balance of environment if there is true happiness. And this change can be acquired starting from you. Stay happy and spread happiness and love to others. Let this chain continue to run the wheels of this cycle for smooth journey.

    What today we all lack is loving all equally. Instead the degree of hate and violence is increasing harming self and others too.

    Never let the child inside you die. Keep that spirit alive. Let the childish innocence breath in you, radiate pure love like the rays of sun spreading warmth.

    Happy children's day to all❣️✨

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    Loving everyone unconditionally is not a weakness but it's the biggest strength you achieve.