• augustdiaries 6w

    A Girl with black beanie

    It was on the month of cold december
    When it was just before the days of christmas
    When the road were filled with huge crowd of people
    You just came drifting towards me
    It was like a reflection of light that glitters through sun
    My eyes were sightless for a moment
    Through the black beanie that you wear
    block the light that reflects upon me
    I can see clearly how you glance
    It was a crystal clear and shine like a diamond
    But fades entirely like a fog in a clear sky
    What should I do just to impress you?
    I followed all your ways
    The night we stroll in the streets
    Cold yet covered with warm conversation
    Exchange numbers and feel insecure to let u go alone in dark
    Drop you off till you gleam back with those eyes
    Delighted to observe you every day
    Despise to notice you with those fellows
    But you appeared towards me
    Recognizes how lucky to be with you
    The attention you gave me was cute and delightful
    Your clingy moments towards me makes me fall for you
    After all this glorious minutes of us
    Where do you disappear all of a sudden
    Like a moon that hides through a clouds
    Quitting me all solitary in cold with your black beanie
    Tell me what should I fulfill just to impress you.