• doctorceastra 6w

    Each Other

    Nobody just gets close to each other. We meet new people everyday. We like them all. But to build a connection it's really important that we understand each other.

    When I saw you first I liked you. But as I understood you I loved you.
    It wasn't just one sided, it was mutual we understood each other, we got closer to each other.

    For some it's getting closer that matters, for some it's the distance which matters. We don't realize how close we were until we start to drift away from each other.

    It's true we can only try to fix it as much as we can, but it's difficult to do it without each other.

    I think I should stop trying to reduce the distance between us, because if I do it will only hurt each other.

    If I keep trying there might come a time where we really can't get back to what we started off with, it's obvious that you'll push me away and that's something that I fear, for what we once had for each other.

    We see a lot of people we meet a lot of people, not everyone affects us the same way, but with you it does because of what we once had for each other.

    I fell for you, for the way you are, I'm sure you fell for me, for the way I was. for the way we were, we fell for each other.

    Sometimes it's okay to just let it be, it's okay to slow down, for the sake of what we once had for each other.

    In the process of fixing things in a hurry we over look the present, we overlook the time that we have to fix us. But I'll wait, I'll wait for you to come back for the sake of what we once had for each other.