• manishaa 35w

    God, would you answer, if you exist?

    You are no one but a Silhouette of my Convenience, Insecurities and Sins.
    Let me undraw this silhouette from my mind and be as naked as I can, for I need to know, do I even need you?
    Do I need you , to be mannerly, truthful and raw? I doubt.
    Do I need your fear, to be morally strong?
    Should I sing you because you like to be sung?
    Do you like to be sung? If 'yes', does that mean that just like I, you too prefer flattery?
    Should I be pondering over my deeds just because i'd have to create my better 'rebirth'?
    Well, if it is like this only, then this justifies all the brutalities happening around. Ain't' it?
    'Rebirth' you know.
    You seem to be a totalitarian and I prefer democracy. And look they say, democracy is the new trend.
    You know, sometimes I pity you.
    How do you unravel the complexities 'they' carry in their intellect? Do you even understand mankind? I doubt. Show me the list where all the rights and wrongs are inscribed. I plead. I don't trust 'them' regarding this list. I find them misleading.
    How do you manage everything?
    Do you even manage? I doubt, again.
    Is there a sort of ancient satrapy system in your kingdom to delegate and divide the powers? I feel so. Look they say, you are multiple.
    Do you know I fret when I fail to understand you. I cry. I shriek, rather and Sometimes, I hate you.
    Do I, questioning your existence makes you offended? If 'yes'. Why? They say you forgive all. You don't keep grudges.
    Well, I have nothing against you. I seriously haven't. You know why? Because you somehow are the only one whom I can trust.
    Trust?? Because there are times when I have no option, other than trusting you.