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    As his nightmare replaces his dreams
    He awakes into cold sweating fear
    All alone in the dark so it seems
    As if someone is watching him there

    With the strike of a match he may see
    All the secret things hidden by night
    To make sense of the dread he now feels
    As a draft tries to snuff out the light

    Yet the light brings no truth to what's seen
    For this mystery of sleep still remains
    It's a nightmare that always has been
    Ancient rivers of ice through his veins

    Like a horror film that never ends
    Or a scene he must always rewind
    It's a question of loss that transcends
    Any hope of an answer he'll find

    There's a spider who waits on the wall
    And a shadow that looks like a face
    There's a scratching outside in the hall
    As if nails upon blackboards they trace

    As a song he plays over again
    Lullaby that turns into a dirge
    Melody with a deathly refrain
    Shallow grave full of his idle words

    He gets up and he walks across the floor
    To the window and looks to the sky
    There's a moon he has seen once before
    Or is time playing tricks with his eyes

    As he turns round the room starts to spin
    Once again he confronts his own dread
    There's a person that looks just like him
    Lying there on his white feathered bed

    He reaches to touch his own face
    Then his hand disappears in a scream
    For his body has now been replaced
    By the nightmare that once was his dream

    TM DiSarro

    ©2020 TM DiSarro / MindScapes Publishing

    Book Release December 15th

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