• justin3210 9w

    Will I get what I want?
    On the prowl, on the hunt.
    Will I get what I desire?
    Or will fate's water extinguish my fire?
    What does the girl think of me?
    Will she advance, or seek to flee?
    I rarely care, but when I do I fall,
    I try my best, I give my all...
    I grow weary of this game,
    I seek not glory, nor fortune, nor fame.
    Time will reveal the truth of all things,
    Whether it be nothing at all or wedding rings,
    An inferno that blazes like the bright yellow sun,
    A heart beating faster, starting to run,
    Happiness, laughter, a joyous life,
    Free or discord, pettiness, and strife,
    I'll know eventually how the story will unfold,
    But I hope it favors the brave and the bold.