• darkpoetryy 6w


    Feeling unsure in my body,
    Stand back, she’s not our Barbie.
    Boys like girls with a tiny waist,
    It’s not really in our ability.
    I don’t want to be standing pure,
    For all the boys to see.
    Spread my legs for
    Those boys who want me.
    Teach girls to be perfect,
    No it’s not our fault,
    That the boys try to taste
    Us by using assault.
    Boys will be be boys,
    And it’s all our bad
    Boys coming after us
    And always try to grab.
    They all like to stare
    At our pushed up chest.
    I stuff tissues in
    My bra to look the best.
    They push us around,
    They beg us for more,
    We comply and obey,
    Yet it’s us on the floor.
    Put us on display,
    Making us act jolly.
    I don’t like this treatment,
    I’m not your dolly.

    #dolly #boys #assault #bra #grab #display

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