• sloth_the_poet 23w


    Google ahhh what a wonderful thing
    And terrible
    You know you scared your mom is gonna search through your Google history
    Well now Google is a search engine if you didint know
    (I would be suprised if you did not)
    Google is used to search up........
    I use it all the time to figure out celebrity ages
    (did you know Cole Sprouse is 25)
    But other people use it to search the news or websites like youtube and facebook
    But people also use it to search up.......
    I'm not kidding Ive seen people do that
    I hope they know that there searching google
    On google
    That's like no connection on a three hour long car ride terrifying I know
    I find this crazy that people search a song on Google and not youtube
    I don't know why its just...........
    I hope you enjoyed this explanation of Google