• guen_drek 5w

    Oh now I feel,
    As this cool breeze tickles the bare skin,
    Everybody hustling bustling all around the room,
    Some as clueless as ever
    Some as cool as never .
    I wonder if it is the day's doing
    Maybe it is the morning's blessing.
    Maybe it will last just for the day,
    For you never know about the next day,
    It could be a bright hay or a dark ray
    It could be the biginning or the ending,
    It could be both
    But never mind,
    For it is today that I am in,
    I keep up the hustle
    Rush along the dense forests of thoughts, imaginations and actions ,
    Some scrape me, some trip me,
    While some go as far as to scar me,
    I go on, letting them heal along the way
    Monotonous as the whole thing is,
    For we rarely run wild.

    #classroom #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #mirakee

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