• wanowak 4w


    She smiled at him behind
    her convincing victim's face.
    Telling him untold stories
    of past lovers who treated
    her with utter disgrace.

    He held her tight when she
    shook in her sleep at night.
    Not knowing she was copying
    and becoming those of her past.
    Betraying him like Judas
    once out of his sight.

    The cycle of hurt can only
    be stopped one way.
    Not by raising your voice.
    Or trying to prove your case.
    Rather, finding the courage,
    no matter how much you
    thought you loved,
    to leave the pieces of
    what you thought would be
    and walk away.

    No matter how hard;
    or more false promises made.
    Remember the actions that
    put your glow in the shade.
    So just step; one at a time.
    Never looking back.
    And climb....

    Peace will return.
    And your beautiful shine.
    But for now just go.
    Steady and slow....