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    Dragging myself to wrong zones
    Handful of gains to bare lanes
    Experiences of world drafting the past
    Leaning in the world coming round
    The way u were YESTERDAY....
    Just as an ordinary rising star
    Keeping me in touch as your whole moon
    The way u are NOW...
    Running far for endless everything...
    Still don't care with what you are holding to
    Fooling around that things never changed
    The way u will be leading TOMORROW...
    With that shiny star can lead u far from us
    And I'll be a disappearing soul beside

    Why these changing zones.!?
    Why are unknown faces of known coming through.!?
    Why don't this guiltiness pop up within true gestures?
    Don't u feel the changing phases of moon u do.!?
    With all the times...
    Me fading all through down ways
    Looked upon every switching grey's
    Throughout the life did thought the lessons
    If ever I'll enjoy the seven colours of life or just will be ending up seeking for the fade once..

    Now I'm afraid...
    I'm afraid..just as everyone changes their cruel faces.
    What if someday these stars would leave their shine behind
    I'm afraid...that what if I loose all the beauty of rainbow
    I'm afraid...if so ever animals too make their ways ending loyalty
    Yess I'm afraid if my shadow makes me fall down the streets..
    I'm afraid...if ever my tears and raindrops will have no difference
    Afraid of flowers ending their gloomy texture
    Never the less...not only this world
    Afraid of my own self too..!��

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    Hope u give it a read..!

    Thank u @writersnetwork for ur read ❤

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    Sometimes I want to be blind deaf to the world around... letting go all the changing seasons..and living like a small bud inside
    If ever I lose my petals...I still know how to stand as stem..